Ivy Court Dining Room Jessica Fowler

Ivy Court Dining Room

South Bend, Indiana
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Ivy Court Dining Room, 1500 sq. ft., is a stylish, warm, cozy area with a fireplace in the corner and comfortable chairs and tables. This area can seat up to around 50 people. Enjoy a lovely atmosphere with windows facing the University of Notre Dame’s campus, flat-screen televisions available for slide shows, and plenty of granite counter tops for serving food and beverages. Private Dining Room, 525 sq. ft., is a great room for interviewing, small conference-style meetings, and presentations. This room is separated from the dining room by two French doors. On the wall is a flat-screen television that can be used for PowerPoint presentations and display materials.


  • Minimum stay : 2 Hour(s)
  • Maximum stay : 12 Hour(s)
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