Our mission is to ensure that finding and booking a spot for your next activity is simple and time efficient.

SimpleSpot is an online platform used to connect unique and creative meeting and event space with professionals and organizations who need it.

How Does It Work?

Rent a Spot.

Simply browse and book available spots for meetings, gatherings, events, or productions in a variety of different cities. Users can browse listings and filter by location, type of event, and date they wish to throw their event. Once users find a spot they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, or they can directly book the spot from the website.

List a Spot.

SimpleSpot allows you to generate additional revenue off your underutilized spots. Listing is free and you set the price per hour. Spot owners sign up and list their space by “Listing A Location”, which takes no more than a few minutes. After approval by SimpleSpot, they will be listed on the site and ready to update with further information needed. You can keep track of the availability of your spot with our easy scheduling system.  The spot owner is responsible for making sure the space is use-ready before every event. SimpleSpot will handle back end details to guarantee a safe and secure exchange all around.